VinFast cooperates with Siemens to produce electric bus

Hanoi, 13 August 2018 – VINFAST SERVICE & TRADING JSC, a new Vietnamese automotive company, has signed two contracts with Siemens Vietnam on the supply of technology and components for manufacturing of electric buses (eBus) in Vietnam. Together with the production of e-scooters and electric cars, VinFast’s eBus will not only help improve the environment but also contribute to the transformation of the urban public transport system in Vietnam.

In details, the contracts grant VinFast the rights to use Siemens technology to manufacture electric motors under licence, and secure the supply of Siemens components for producing its first electric bus. These two core agreements will enable VinFast to establish a manufacturing supply-chain for environment friendly public transport vehicles in Vietnam, contributing to the transformation of the public transport sector in Vietnam toward a more synchronous and modern system.

Siemens has extensive experience in developing electric bus technology, and having reputation as a global creditable company in the area of applying green technology in transportation. The collaboration with a world-leader brand in this field for the supply of technology and components demonstrates VinFast’s commitment to developing safe, reliable vehicles made in Vietnam with the European quality standards.

Over the coming months, VinFast will work closely with Siemens and other technology and manufacturing partners to toward the goal of launching a high quality, high class eBus by the end of 2019. Furthermore, the Company are also developing other environment friendly vehicles including electric motorcycles, electric cars and gasoline cars that meet Euro 5 emission standard.

“The two contracts signed with Siemens underline VinFast's commitment to producing safe, comfortable, high-quality vehicles, for a green future of the Vietnamese people. This pioneering development will contribute to the transformation of the public transportation system in Vietnam,” said Mr. Vo Quang Hue, Deputy CEO of Vingroup.

“Electric buses are an essential element of sustainable urban public transportation systems. Siemens is very pleased to bring in both technology and experience to shape this trend in Vietnam together with VinFast," said Siemens Vietnam President and CEO Pham Thai Lai.

In less a year from the launch of the automotive project, VinFast has completed a series of agreements with world-class partners from Europe and the USA so as to bring to realization a series of high-quality vehicles, including electric motorcycles, gasoline cars (Sedan, SUV, hatchback), electric cars and electric buses.

Siemens previously partnered with Vingroup to provide solutions to build a digital enterprise, PLM (product lifecycle management) technology and VinFast’s new Hai Phong factory operation applying the Industry 4.0 principals.


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